CN’s iAdvise program is your suite of tools for increased visibility

for better planning. We know that each of our customers work and think differently, that’s why we’ve built a powerful program that can be leveraged in many different ways to suit your unique needs. 


Discover why FMLM should be your tool of choice and
your ultimate source of information.


source of information 

  • Displays all traffic moving in and out of your facility,  so you can quickly see what is in your pipeline and if anything requires attention

  • Highlights where you need to make contingency  plans, allows you to order in cars, and shows if any  cars are off plan

  • All information is actionable and in near real‑time

  • Use it to plan better, optimize asset use, and have  more effective conversations with Service Delivery  around contingency planning



source of information 

  •  iAdvise features our new Delivery Date concept,  which locks-in your ETA once the car is 24‑hrs from  the serving yard
  • Provides you with a more accurate idea of when your  car will arrive
  • When you use FMLM, you are looking at the same  information as we are
  • Continuously updated as changes occur, providing  you with the most up-to-date and reliable information  available




source of information 

  • iAdvise provides you with the key information you  need to know:
    • Where are my cars? When are they going to arrive? Are there any exceptions in transit? What has been confirmed and are there any exceptions on my local service?
  • Third party logistic companies, RaiLinc and even  EDI/CLM cannot provide all of that information in  one place, or at all




source of information 

  • Modern graphical representation of your traffic flows  with advanced filtering capabilities
  • Reports can easily be exported and scheduled in  multiple data formats
  • Notifications are timely, easy to read, and mobile-  optimized, plus you can turn them on or off as you  need, and you can add others to the distribution list






July 2014

June 2015

Dec 2015

Summer 2016

October 2016

FMLM Launch

From the moment FMLM was introduced, we’ve been listening to your feedback

En Route

Expanding visibility so you can see your pipeline from the origin

ContingencyPlan Required

Added key alerts to bring your attention where action is needed

Significant Delay

Incorporated more critical information into your summary section

Offline Traffic

Another step for full pipeline visibility, allowing you to see cars that are not on CN lines

Transitioned Order-In & Switch

Brought in more functionality so you can take action through FMLM

Temporary Outage & Disruption Notification

A new email alert to 

show  potential issues during transit

Urgent Action Required

A new summary category for your traffic, highlighting where there are issues for you to resolve right away