How do I best use the information in FMLM?

At its core, FMLM is a pipeline management tool for your facility. It allows you to see all traffic destined to your facility. It provides you with information to answer your pipeline questions (like do I have enough flow?). It helps you to make decisions (like do I need to order cars in?), and it is centered around key action points (order in at 24 hours/ serving yard).

When I first saw FMLM, I said that seeing traffic 24-hours out wasn’t enough.

And we agreed! Since the launch of FMLM, we have added a new “en route” section to the tool, which now provides you with full pipeline visibility on inbound shipments.

Can I see ETA before the 24-hour window?

Unlike some of other eBusiness tools that we offer you, FMLM applies the new delivery date concept. With delivery date, we provide you with a timeline for delivery that is much more accurate and less variable than our previous ETAs. To get a general sense of transit time while traffic is initially en-route, you can utilize the information provide in My Shipments, Quick Trace or Car Order tool.

Are you updating this tool?

Yes. Since its launch, we have been continually updating FMLM in order to provide you with greater visibility to help you better plan, monitor and act. View our latest enhancements

How can I view multiple locations?

FMLM is a facility-centered view, displaying inbound and outbound traffic flows for each location. You can toggle between facilities by using the customer and location dropdown lists towards the top of the tool.

I have a bunch of stations in my pick list but I cannot select it.

The stations that appear in FMLM are stations where your facility physically exists. This is the same as in SRO tools. The stations that appear in the available station pick list, but don’t show up in FMLM, are locations where the Consignee accrues asset use – but doesn’t physically exists there (consignees in Canada are responsible for demurrage). These stations only appear in the Asset use tool drop down.

How do I best use filters?

Filters are a way to segment traffic (to see only what is relevant to you) one time or every time you use FMLM. You can filter on commodity, equipment type and CCO each with multiple values. When you select a filter type, it removes all other types that don’t have a corresponding match. For example, if you had if you selected Loaded only, and you have empties in your pipeline with a CCO (Customer car order) they will be filtered out and the CCO selector will be greyed out.

How do I group/sort the traffic alphabetically?

To group traffic, you can use the advanced filters that are available in FMLM. Also after selecting one of the traffic bubbles, you can easily sort the detailed car information alphabetically by clicking on the label name (car, load/empty, current location, origin, etc). If you could like to further group of filter the car information, you can download the report in CSV format and manipulate the data in excel.

I want to view the shipper.

FMLM displays where all of your traffic originated (which can be seen in the details section after selecting one of the traffic bubbles). However if you’d like to view detailed waybill information on individual cars, such as shipper, please visit the Shipping Instructions tool.

When can I order-in cars?

You are able to order in cars using the greater of 24 hours from arrival in Serving yard or 40 hours from arrival at your facility if you are a spot-on-arrival customer.

Why should I order-in cars early?

Ordering in cars before they arrive in the serving yard allows CN to also plan the movement of your cars to an outbound customer service earlier, which allows for greater likelihood that be able to deliver your cars on the service you requested.

What does en-route mean?

En-route shows all cars outside 24 hours from serving yard. FMLM shows you traffic online (on CN’s network) as well as offline (On another railway).

What is included in the Contingency Plan Required section?

This section highlights any traffic that may require special consideration due to events that may have happened to them. Currently, any traffic that has been involved in a Track Outage or Disruption, or a Significant delay is listed here.

What should I do when I have cars listed in the Contingency Plan Required section?

The information provided in “Contingency planning required” is there to notify of events which may impact the reception/delivery of your cars. By informing you of this event as early as it known to use, you can invoke your contingency plans earlier, to aid in faster recovery.

What is included in the Off Plan section?

The information in the “Off Plan” section lists any traffic which for which that is currently unable to move. Common reasons may be that the car requires repair (Bad Order), or has a customs hold.

What should I do when I have cars listed in the Off Plan section?

Contact your Service Delivery Representative for more informationvisibility on inbound shipments.

How can I use FMLM to help manage my demurrage?

While the Asset Use tool was created to allow you to clock how long equipment has been in use, FMLM can help you prioritize and manage your potential demurrage. When cars at your facility, the “placement date” is shown. Sort by that date so you can quickly see what has been sitting the longest and use that information to plan and prioritize.